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Style photos for R in my head

Their detachable collars are easy to use and will instantly add a cute feel to your outfit.

We, Lorina Liddell thought many coordinates for the enchanted event the day before at the hotel in London. 

Coords with Excentrique at the enchanted event.

Nearly 30 items from Excentrique are available in Lorina Liddell.

Their corset provides a beautiful silhouette and the finest attention to detail. 


Mushroom dress and tights from Morun_Muuna_Stoik’ showed at the enchanted event have beautiful coloring.

Shop: Lorina Liddell

Model/Designer: Ruan

New Brand!

Clara Maeda has arrived at Lorina Liddell.

Her historical inspired collection will capture you with their classic looks.

Coords with Sheglit.

We are excited to announce that more Sheglit items has arrived today.

There are nearly 40 items at Lorina Liddell. 

Coords at the #enchantedevent.

Pina sweetcollection’s dresses and traumerei’s tightsare now online.

Morun_Muuna_Stoik's hair accessories can instantly add an elegant feel to any outfit. 

Lorina Liddell fashion show at enchanted event.

Brands: pays des fées, Pina sweetcollection, Excentrique, Morun_Muuna_Stoik and Sheglit

Thank you all so much!

Event: #enchantedevent #enchanted

Model: Fanny Capuia

Brands: Pina sweet collection & Traumarei